About us
Focus on the optimization and innovation of the
container modular construction industry

STAXBOND BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Company Limited was established in 2013. It is a professional team composed of senior designers and professional management talents from enterprises. Under the concept of "people-oriented, technology first", STAXBOND focuses on the design and development of container business model and its market operation. It mainly develops modular building technology, comprehensive commercial container operation, tourism and resort attractions (modular hotels), Internet + and many other fields. With the development and application of single shipping container houses, some architects were inspired by the use of shipping containers as a unit module, multiple container splicing and combination applications, and use them to build hotels, student dormitories, hospitals, apartments, commercial office buildings, etc. building. According to the functions and requirements of the building, a single container is used as a unit module, and various space placement postures are combined to form various styles of buildings.

Since the establishment of the company, through scientific research and design as the core, professional management and construction services, it has successfully applied for a number of patented technologies, and has successful cases in the fields of commercial operation, office support and personalized customization.