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What Are the Key Points and Details of Villa Container Renovation?
In terms of cost, villa containers are cheaper than other building forms and have the advantage of time efficiency. They can be reused, reducing construction waste, and can be relocated if necessary. Villa container buildings are made from the containers themselves, allowing them to function as standalone structures or be assembled into modular units, simplifying the construction process.
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Villa containers are not only green and environmentally friendly but also time-saving and flexible. Compared to traditional housing, villa containers offer more options. The containers have high strength, with load-bearing capacity even exceeding that of ordinary buildings, and they come with inherent corrosion and fire resistance.
However, due to the physical properties of their metal structure, villa containers have strong thermal conductivity and poor insulation performance, leading to unstable indoor temperatures. Therefore, additional insulation layers are needed to effectively control the indoor environment. Furthermore, containers are prone to rust and require anti-rust paint both inside and outside to prevent corrosion.
Undamaged villa containers can be used for small buildings, generally lasting about fifteen years. If maintained properly, their lifespan can be even longer.