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Why are more and more people using containers to build villas?
The development of villa container buildings is still in its infancy, but villa container buildings are still very popular. Villa container houses have been completed in many areas. The construction speed of villa container converted houses is very fast, and the basic structure and indoor facilities are all assembled. Villa container construction is actually not unfamiliar to us. Previously, apartments, hotels and other facilities based on villa containers have appeared. Therefore, do not mistakenly think that a house transformed from a villa container means that it is simple, stiff, and lacks comfort. Relatively speaking, villa container buildings are still a relatively rare building type in China.
The villa container building is easy to transport and can be moved as a whole. The villa container manufacturer's combined building is easy to assemble and disassemble; the building is sturdy and durable, and the main structural unit is composed of high-strength steel, which has strong earthquake resistance, compression resistance, and deformation resistance; based on the overall modular structure On top of that, various shapes can be derived through splicing and combination.
Villa containers are used as modular tools for architectural design. They have the characteristics of low carbon, low cost, fast construction speed, and can be disassembled and transported. At the same time, they are constrained by objective conditions such as space and materials. When designing villa container buildings, The advantages and disadvantages of villa container module tools should be fully considered, and their structural advantages should be maximized.
Villa container building is not only a modular building type, but also has its own limitations due to the limitations of villa container space, materials and other objective conditions. Nowadays, there are various requirements for the development of buildings in the new era, such as low carbon, low cost, rapid construction, detachability and so on. These requirements are a new challenge for the field of architectural design.