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Container Apartment | Innovative fins to shade the sun, and super high-quality accommodation space overlooking the London Eye!
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The London Eye is one of London's landmarks

 and famous tourist attractions.

Many apartments, hotels, and homestays are

set up in the surrounding area to entertain tourists who come here for sightseeing.

Among them, a pure white apartment has

won the favor of tourists due to its innovative exterior design,

and Stow Away Waterloo is its name.

The Stow Away Waterloo is made of

25 nine meter long recycling and transportation containers,

with five layers high and five spliced containers on each layer.

The large window is cut into the street end of the container,

and the multi sided steel sunshade is aligned

at the top corner, providing a unique appearance.

 Moreover, these geometric welded fins also serve as a sunshade.

The first floor of Stow Away Waterloo

features a boutique grape bar and Unwined restaurant,

offering a variety of unusual wines

and tempting cuisine for lunch and dinner.

There is a lively neighborhood nearby,

whether you want to taste London's stunning food scenes, enjoy nightlife,

stroll through London's favorite markets,

or stroll through shopping streets, you can find it nearby.

Above the second floor is a single room apartment.

The gantry at the back of the hotel can lead to the guest rooms.

 There is an elevator between the floor and the balcony,

where passengers can overlook the London Eye.

 Special rubber mats and soundproof doors are also

placed between each floor to block train noise passing behind the hotel.

Each container is an apartment, equipped with super large mattresses,

 high-quality bedding and toiletries, free Wi Fi and Smart TV,

 and a fully equipped kitchenette.

The overall layout is in a long strip shape,

 with a strong sense of spatial division from the bathroom to the kitchen,

then to the wardrobe and bed.

It is worth mentioning that the micro kitchen in the middle of the room is

 equipped with an electric stove sink and dishwasher,

as well as pottery and cooking equipment,

 which can be used for cooking in the apartment.

In addition, soft colors and lighting were chosen indoors to

 enhance the 'tunnel effect' of the narrow living room.

Pictures courtesy of Doone Silver Kerr