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Container Art Museum | Box style buildings can no longer be considered low-end! Who doesn't have a glass tower?
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Regarding the regional style of architecture,

it seems that high-rise buildings in the city have a convention,

always liking to build fully floor glass exterior walls,

 as if only in this way can the bustling central area be highlighted.

 Box architecture is inherently lacking in pleasing "glass exterior walls",

and it seems that it cannot ascend to the elegant hall,

but that's just that you haven't seen its towering appearance.

The Anham Art Center in Poju, South Korea,

 likes to go against your thinking.

 If there are no conditions, create them!

Let me first give you an exterior wall with fully floor to ceiling glass windows.

 The entire art museum is composed of containers and concrete structures.

The part of the Modular building shares 40 export containers

and is built into a five storey building,

 which is located beside the road and is a separate building.

The ingenious design of the entrance as

 a container door is opening speaks for itself.

Entering the art building, the first floor

mainly consists of spacious aisles and staircases,

 and some art exhibitions being displayed are promoted with posters here.

During Christmas, Christmas trees and other decorations

will be placed in the middle of the aisle to create a joyful atmosphere.

From the staircase to the second floor, you will find a coffee shop hidden here!

The first thing that comes in front of you is a ceramic art display wall,

with each small box containing a ceramic art piece of a different style from others.

The next cabinet is also filled with various cups, vases, plates, and so on.

Turning from the ceramic display wall,

I thought the wall made of iron pipes was already very unique, but instead,

a unique bar counter was created that was all made of iron pipes!

Coincidentally with the industrial style of containers,

this design is too tasteful~

Pictures courtesy of 네이버 블로그