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  • Belgium - the Open Air Museum Bokrijk

    (Source: Together with Lens°Ass architects, the Open Air Museum Bokrijk started a very interesting and excitin…+info

  • Taitung Aboriginal Gallery / Bio-architecture Formosana


  • France - botanic BOX

     Botanic Box, is a project that provides nice green view for people …+info

  • Perth - Fremantle's Sea Container Rainbow

    The sulpture, at nine metres high, 19 metres long and tipping the scales at 66 tonnes, by prominent Perth artist Marcus Canning, is con…+info


    With limited budget, The City Hall of an small Castilian village construct a leisure park with some fitness equipment for senior by…+info

  • Vietnam - container dormitory

    These colourful and lovely containers were transformed into the living or dining space for the children in rural areas. …+info

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