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    Source: This two-story building JOSHUA DISTRICT in Bali was constructed by refurbi…+info

  • Thailand - Container Restaurant Bar

    (Source: ON BOARD Nautical Bar and Dining is a new evening hang-out place for young people in Ba…+info

  • Thailand - Airplane Park Korat Landmark

    (Source: Airplane Park Korat Landmark at New Korat Tour On an area of over 100 ac…+info

  • Thailand - Container Restaurant

    (Source: Several black containers were transformed into this industrial …+info

  • Mexico - Container Restaurant

    (Source: Locate in Curitiba, TACONTAINER Restarant in a street corner catch passersby’…+info

  • America - Container drive thru Restaurant

    (Source: The original Chick-fil-A Dw…+info

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